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What we expect of you before your appointment:

  • Clients are expected to be free of open sores and wounds before the appointment. Please be showered.

  • Be hydrated! Hydrating your muscles will help with delayed onset muscle soreness.

  • Read PMAB's policies.

What to expect during your appointment:
  • Before your scheduled appointment, you will fill out the medical intake form that is automatically sent to you upon being scheduled. This better prepares your therapist to tailor your appointment to your therapeutic needs.

  • Upon entering Prana Massage and Bodywork, your therapist will go over your intake form and go over any necessary precautions and establish your wellness treatment plan.

  • After the initial intake process is finished, your therapist will leave the room so so that you can undress down to your undergarments, or sportswear. Your therapist will wash her hands all the way up to her shoulders with hot and soapy water before entering back into the room.

  • Upon the start of your treatment, your therapist will start with a breathing protocol to help settle the mind and relax the muscles for a better and wholesome treatment.

  • At Prana Massage and Bodywork we want you to feel better. When asked for excessive pressure, we will not go outside of what is recommended at that time. More pressure doesn't necessarily result in healthier tissue function. Rest assured, your therapist will use firm, but precise pressure for your needs.

  • Your therapist will check in from time to time to see if everything is going well and if there needs to be an adjustment to how she is treating you. Don't be afraid to tell her. That is what you're there for!

  • Relax :)

What to expect after your appointment:

It is common to feel soreness in areas that was manipulated through massage for a few days post appointment. This is totally normal and there is no need to feel alarmed. Often times you might feel worse before you completely feel better. This is due to manipulating muscles that haven't been used. This is especially true if you never receive massage or activate muscles through physical activity often. Be sure to stay well hydrated to speed up the inflammation process and recovery time.

We recommend you reach out to your therapist should you have any questions regarding how you're feeling and she will help your through this process. If you have any medical questions outside the scope of your licensed massage therapist, please speak with your primary care physician)

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