Dominique C. Yusuf, LMT #MT132883

Dominique C. Yusuf attended the University of Houston and obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in American Sign Language Interpreting, and minor in English literature(2017). After having served her community through ASL/English interpretation, she found herself yearning to be in the field of pain management.

Having chronic pain herself, after receiving chiropractic adjustments coupled with soft tissue manual therapy (massage), as well as osteopathic manipulations she thought she'd pursue a license in massage therapy to jumpstart her dream of becoming a pain therapist. Dominique received her certificate of completion of massage therapy training from Phoenix School of Massage(2019), and passed her state board exam to become fully licensed shortly after and has been practicing ever since. Stay tuned to see what she specializes in. In the mean time, she is trained in soft tissue manipulation in Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, structural work, sports massage therapy and more.

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Dominique C. Yusuf, LMT

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